Terms & Conditions


1. Funky Moves online classes are held on the app Zoom. Meeting codes are sent out automatically when an online class is booked. Please allow plenty of time to access these codes and enter the class. If you are having issues, you can contact the team on 07810431101 or email us at and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

2. Zoom is an app where only those with the correct codes can access the meeting. All our online classes are password protected and the teacher can control who is muted/visible and present on the call at all times. Funky Moves reserve the right to remove people from a class if their actions are deemed inappropriate, distracting or offensive to anyone else in the class.

3. Customers are allowed to have their videos on or off during any class. Funky Moves does not accept any responsibility for other’s shared video content. However, if any inappropriate content is being shared, the customer’s video will be switched off as quickly as possible and they will be promptly removed from the call.

4. Funky Moves online classes are £5 per session. Promotions are shared regularly for discounted or free classes. These promotions must be applied at the time by the customer and Funky Moves cannot adjust, amend or backdate bookings already made by a customer.

5. Funky Moves online class codes are purchased by an individual for their household only. Anyone caught sharing codes with friends or family for free will be required to compensate Funky Moves for loss of earnings.

6. Funky Moves online classes are suitable for children ages 2+ years right through the adults. The sessions have recommended age ranges and suitability (Kids, Teens, Adults, Families), which we strongly recommend customer’s adhere to. If customers choose to enroll their children in classes outside of their age ranges, they do so with the understanding that the class might not be fully suitable for them. Adults will be removed children’s’ classes where a child is visibly not present for an extended period of time.

7. Funky Moves tailor music playlists and content to the recommended age ranges of our online classes and cannot be held responsible for any choreography or content deemed not age-appropriate.

8. Pictures/videos can only be taken during an online class with the consent of all present. Anyone seen taking footage without everyone’s consent will be asked to delete it.

9. All teachers are Fully Enhanced DBS checked and follow our Safeguarding Policy (which can be found on the website Funky Moves has Public Liability Insurance.

10. If you cannot attend an online class for any reason the class is not refundable.

11. If Funky Moves has to a cancel a class we will refund the full class or allow a credit note for another online class booking.

12. Everyone is responsible for signing into the online class with plenty of time for any connection issues. Lateness to a class because of individual difficulties accessing the call will not be reimbursed.

13. Everyone attending a Funky Moves online class should be dressed appropriately for exercise.

14. We recommend wearing appropriate footwear for all dance and fitness online classes– trainers are best. Yoga can be carried out barefoot.

15. We recommend to always have a drink of water to hand.

16. For children’s safety, it is the parent’s responsibility to log their children onto an online class with us, and for children under 6 years, we recommend an adult stay in the room with them at all times.

17. Attendees are responsible for adjusting their own classes to any injuries they have. You are welcome to inform your teacher of any injuries before class via the CHAT function, but they may not be able to provide a suitable alternative on every occasion. Funky Moves does not accept any liability for injuries obtained in their online classes.

If you wish to discuss any of these points in detail, please do call us on 07810 431101 or email us at