There is nothing better than taking the time out to just dance. Funky Fit live online classes blend dance, fitness and fun in a relaxed and inclusive way. Be the best, most healthy, happy and positive you…all from the comfort of your own home!

Family Flow

For all abilities

A yoga class accompanied by an inspiring playlist that will guide you through a joyful morning of moving your body. Our instructors bring smiles and positivity with every down dog and warrior pose. You could find yourself in a class that has a focus on detoxifying twists or a heart opening class that sends you into your day grounded, peaceful and open.

Musical Theatre

For all abilities

We all wish we knew the routines to our favourite musical numbers, right? From Hairspray to Chicago, each week we will bring you a new, super-fun routine that you can keep in your repertoire, ready to bust out whenever the opportunity arises. The stage awaits. First positions, people!

Funky Fit Dance Class

For all abilities

A fitness class with dance as its heart.

Sure, there’ll be squats, lunges and maybe the odd plank but what makes Funky Fit special is how the bulk of your cardio workout is cleverly hidden among fun dance combinations that will keep you smiling while we work up a sweat.